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Almost without exception, North Easterners who have dined in New Orleans will testify to the fact that service in a fine restaurant does not have to be stuffy or condescending to be considered good. At some of the most renowned eateries in southern Louisiana, professionalism and friendliness coexist, and make for some very happy customers. 

The Old Bay has endeavored to duplicate this service philosophy wherever possible.  Servers, Bartenders, and Hosts are encouraged to express themselves when dealing with patrons, rather than recite standard lines.  Food and wine tastings are held periodically to ensure that the staff will be able to help in the selection of the often unusual menu items. Employee morale is considered by management to be a top priority and, as a result, many of the service personnel who started with the restaurant are still part of the team. 

The "Atmosphere", when used in conjunction with the word "Restaurant", is defined by Webster's Dictionary as "the pervading mood or spirit" one encounters at a particular dining establishment. During the early stages of the restaurant's creation, its designers made several research trips to New Orleans in an attempt to duplicate that rather elusive quality of atmosphere which is unique to some of the oldest of the French Quarter's renowned bistros. The results of their efforts become apparent the moment you are greeted. The entrance doors and windows, wrought iron railings, gargoyle wall sconces, and other elements of decor all blend to take you back to another place in another century.   

The Old Bay is New Jersey's first craft beer restaurant located on the corner of Church and Neilson Streets - directly across from the Hyatt Regency Hotel - at Kilmer Square in the City Market District of downtown New Brunswick.  The restaurant has been in operation since May 28, 1987, and features Cajun/Creole specialties, steaks, and seafood.  Contrary to popular belief, most of the menu selections are not hot and spicy. There are meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes available to please the most sensitive palettes.

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